about union barbecue

1Union Barbecue is a New Jersey based smoke and barbecue catering company. We cater events and dinners of all sizes from graduations to weddings, to sporting events and holidays. You can also find us at your local fairs and festivals vending our barbecue. All our meats are slow smoked until tender and succulent. Our wood fired steel pit keeps the meats at an even temperature while a mixture of hickory and cherry smoke envelopes the food, creating a rich smoky flavor to compliment every decadent bite. With sweet and smoky flavor profiles, savory rubs and sauces, and a quality selection of seasonal sides, we aim to bring the country's regional diversity of barbecue styles to your taste buds.

We specialize in chicken, pork, and beef but constantly try to break new ground in the barbecue community. We'll throw anything on the pit; whole fish, cheeses, desserts, meats of any cut, bones, no bones, even whole pigs. Union Barbecue has a special focus on freshness and efficiency. We aim to serve our meat as fresh off the pit as possible. This creates a much more transparent farm to table view and allows you to see the freshness and high standard we adhere to, every time we fire up the pit.

Our Pledge


 Above all else, we put the traditional methods of barbecue and smoke cooking first. We use only top quality meats as well as seasoned hardwoods to create premium smoked barbecue.  We absolutely do not compromise our low and slow methods, flavors, or effort in anything that comes from our pit.  We hold true to this standard for every customer, every time.

Hassle Free:

 Think barbecue won’t fit in your schedule? We’re mobile!  We can bring dinner to your doorstep.  But even more than that we can cater large events or small get-togethers including set up and take down of all cooking equipment.  We can just provide the food or simply cook on location and provide the full service.


 We aim to constantly raise people’s eyebrows when it comes to common conceptions about barbecue and smoked foods. Whether it’s our unique flavor profiles or a food you had no idea could be considered barbecue, we aim to make every bite a tasty and memorable experience.  Have an idea for something that you want to see on the pit?  Let us know!


With service second to none in the industry, we treat every customer as a part of our family. From order placement to event set up to event break down, we aim to be nothing less than helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, and active in providing you a successful experience with us.  We know on top of great food, great service is a key element for any event.

Our Founder


My name is Tom Murin and I was born and raised in Central New Jersey.  I moved to Virginia for several years where I attended college at George Mason University and worked several restaurant jobs, including one at a local barbecue joint.  After graduating and working in tech sales for over a year, I came to the realization that there wasn’t much in it for me and I needed to make a change.  I wanted to create something, to make people happy, and to enjoy the food that had become a staple in my everyday life. After doing a lot of research and with a little encouragement from my friends, I quit my job and invested in barbecue.  Union Barbecue is the realization of that dream and is more than a business.  Union is a testing ground for all kinds of meats, barbecue styles, flavors, and techniques.  But most of all, Union Barbecue is a means for unity.  I understand that a common centerpiece at gatherings is often a good quality meal to be shared by all.  My aim is to eliminate the hassle of cooking or driving, the inconvenience of finding a place to eat, or the stress of serving guests.  When I lived in Virginia, my visits home to NJ were often muddled with meal preparation, driving to the store, finding a restaurant to meet people etc. This always seemed to get in the way of spending quality time with friends and family.  That’s why we are a mobile caterer.  We bring the barbecue to your door and can even set up and cater your events or gatherings, no matter how large or small.  I have spent countless hours researching and even more tending the pit and want to bring what I’ve learned to you.  Great barbecue is even better when shared among great friends.