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_MG_5977Bringing Real Barbecue Catering to New Jersey

If you’re a New Jersey native, at one point or another you have most likely found yourself describing to others the heavenly and distinguished taste of porkroll.  If you’re in North Jersey, you probably know this as Taylor Ham.  Put this spongey salty cousin of bologna on a bagel with egg and cheese and you have yourself the official breakfast food of New Jersey.  There isn’t a diner or deli anywhere that doesn’t have some form of this breakfast item on their menu.  As a matter of fact, when it comes to the main food groups in New Jersey, you can have porkroll for breakfast, a WaWa hoagie for lunch, and grab your favorite slice for dinner.  There’s of course nothing wrong with these New Jersey staples, but what about a little diversity, a little variety, maybe even a little flare?  That’s where Union Barbecue comes in.

We are Jersey born and bred but with a taste for inclusion.  When it comes to serving that uniqueness that so many diners look for in their meals, we decided to go the route of “inclusivity” rather than exclusivity.  We’ve always been passionate about barbecue.  From the traditional methods of slow cooking in a dug out pit in the ground, to a flame kissed burger off the Weber, let’s take those traditions and bring them to a place they don’t normally endure; New Jersey.  Amongst the pizza places, delicatessens, diners, and five and dimes, we let the low and slow cooking begin.

We build our fires in a steel pit and tend to them tirelessly, creating the right temperature for the right amount of time for each cut of meat.  The Fatboy steel pit by Lang is completely mobile, allowing us to bring the party to your doorstep.  And it fits over 500 pounds of meat, which means we can fit anything from a single chicken leg to a young hippopotamus.  Needless to say, there aren’t many other barbecue companies out there that can provide the same event catering solutions we can.  We don’t only pride ourselves on being versatile, we also focus on our ability to remain true to the barbecue core even in a land in the northeastern land of harsh winters and hot and humid summers.

Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, Union Barbecue is committed to providing top quality barbecue and a successful event experience every time.  Nowhere else will you find a company as committed to providing barbecue traditionally prepared and served as you will with Union Barbecue.  We aim to stand out among the pizza, pasta, porkroll, and bagels, and put our central Jersey region on the map for some beautiful, seasoned, and quality smoked barbecue.

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