Q for the Week

Take Care of Dinner for the Week!


Looking to put together a good meal?  Don’t mind left overs? Call us!  Union Barbecue is committed to promoting the idea of unity and togetherness.  We value the importance of not only a quality meal but also the company that comes to share in it.  Let us handle the cooking.  We can provide you and yours with a week’s worth of dinner.  Skip the hassle of coming home every night to cook and enjoy the savory leftovers of a slow smoked barbecue meal.


Put in an order for a pork shoulder, beef brisket, or a smoked chicken.  We'll slow smoke them on our wood fired mobile barbecue pit and either deliver or have your order ready for pick up by the time you specify.  Couple that with some delectable sides and you have several nights of delicious barbecue leftovers for the week.  Orders must be submitted at least two days in advance!

Check out our Per-Pound Menu for ordering details, and order Here!
Send an email to t.murin@unionbarbecue.com or call 908-310-5355 to place your order.